Conservation Framing

GK Framing Group never compromises quality of materials for cost, or careful handling for high production volume. While your art is on the premises, paintings, works on paper, textiles, photographs, antique frames and rare documents are attended by experienced staff members.

  • Handling and movement of unframed artwork is kept to an absolute minimum
  • Our expert┬átechnicians are clean-room experienced and wear Tyvek coats and hair bonnets
  • Our climate controlled facility is monitored throughout the day to maintain optimum temperature and relative humidity
  • The HEPA-filtered clean room, where your art is sealed with its mat board, moisture barrier, backing and glazing, is particulate-free

Poor quality framing causes the vast majority of damage that paper conservators encounter. However, GK Framing is the exception in fine art framing and utilizes 100% cotton rag board and polyethylene or polycarbonate for moisture-barrier backings. Works on paper and photographs are hinged or mounted using Japanese paper and wheat starch paste, which have superior aging properties and reversibility. Paintings are framed with moisture and impact resistant backings to protect from punctures, tears, and water damage.

Knowledgeable sales staff recommends proper glazing to further protect artwork. The glazing we provide contains ultra-violet filters to deter fading. This is critical, especially if your art is light-sensitive as if often the case with watercolors, pastels, textiles, woodblock prints, and color photographs. We also carry the full line of Optium and Luxar plexi and glass products that provide maximum UV filtering coupled with 98% reflection control. The glazing is water white which yields the greatest visual clarity. The end result is superbly framed artwork.

Conservation framing is designed to extend the longevity of your artwork and prevent framing materials from negatively impacting or accelerating degradation. Let us teach you about archival framing and show you our best practices.

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