TV Mirror in One

Our Samsung LED Mirror TV isn’t simply a television. It is an elegant piece of functional art that complements the design of your room.

They are hand crafted using the finest frame styles and highest quality mirror available. The framed televisions are ultra slim, with a depth of only 2″, and are available in a wide variety of finishes to blend seamlessly with your décor. Installation is easy, you can mount them on your wall just like any flat screen TV

The Samsung LED televisions offer the latest 2D and 3D display technology, providing the most vivid picture available on the market. The TVs include optional 3D, which is only in effect when you wear the 3D glasses. Also included is Samsung Apps, which allows you to access websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora.

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Features & Specifications

The Samsung LED TV 6400 Series is packed with mind blowing features and here are a few features that have made this new beauty the home entertainment platform of choice.

LED and Auto Motion Plus: The Samsung LED TV 6400 Series offers high end cutting edge technology with the most outstanding feature being its ultra contrast ratio which provides unmatched picture quality through the use of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) instead of the conventional Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFL). This creates an ultra-sharp looking picture that captures fast movement onscreen through improved Auto Motion Plus technology.

Up to the Minute Access: In today’s mobile environment it is all about staying in touch so it only makes sense to offer this kind of capability in a television. The TV helps you do just that through Web-connected Samsung Apps that allow you to get immediate access to YouTube, Blockbuster, Pandora, and all of your favorite digital content.

reflectel-mirror-tv-loft-mirror-golf-gk-framing-2AllShare Sync: Connect your music, PC photos, mobile device content, and multiple PCs through the patented Samsung AllShare sync technology which
allows you to synch all of your devices and enjoy the content on a cutting edge screen and sound system.
ConnectShare: Instead of having a mountain of remote controls for every device you connect, you can control all of the devices connected to the TV with a one touch control. This makes enjoying home theatre faster and much more pleasant than fiddling around with multiple remotes.

No External Transceiver Needed: Keep your décor from getting cluttered with the ultra-slim TV technology that does not require an external transceiver box. This means no unsightly technology ruining your décor and if you add a dielectric mirror and frame you complete the look while enjoying cutting edge home entertainment.

No Picture Distractions: Picture quality remains sharp through the use of Ultra Clear Panel technology that absorbs ambient light and eliminates any reflections. It also allows for sharp color contrast that deepens darker colors to highlight the lighter colors resulting in an unmatched picture quality.

Automatic Calibration: The Samsung LED TV 6400 Series contains green technology that tv_mirror_off-gk-framing-tv-mirror-in-onejpgincludes a state-of-the-art light sensor which makes the television aware of its surroundings. This nifty new feature saves energy by automatically making the picture brighter in a sunlit room and reducing the brightness in a room that is dimly lit.

V-Chip System: This is a system implemented by the Federal Trade Commission (FCC) which allows parents to control and block the television programs they do not want their children to have access to. Television programs are rated with a code to enable parents to program the V-Chip via remote control to block programs with questionable or inappropriate content.

Eco-Friendly:The LED technology is mercury-free which makes the unit safer for recycling and cleaner for manufacturing in addition to requiring less material for manufacturing. The unit is also smaller and lightweight to help reduce waste material during packing.In addition to all of these feature highlights setting up the TV is a breeze and the picture quality is unsurpassed. Regardless if you are watching DVDs, BluRay, or high definition television, the picture quality makes you feel like you are part of the action. The only thing you must abandon is your analog connection and get into HDTV with your cable provider. Add a new dielectric mirror and frame and the television will blend seamlessly with your décor while you enjoy a TV experience instead of simply watching TV.


Framed Art TV

Instead of hiding your TV with a mirror, the Samsung Framed Art TV acts as a digital picture frame, displaying any art you want while not in use. Other companies offer “movable” art, which is noisy and takes a long time to scroll. We have improved the concept by offering unparalleled flexibility–simply press the media button on the remote control to display any art of your choice, turn it into a fireplace, aquarium, or even show slideshows of your family pictures. Our expert frame makers will custom build a gorgeous frame to fit around your TV, completing the overall effect while you’re displaying your art.


Bedroom & Living Room Mirror TV

The Samsung LED Mirror TV is the cutting edge of television technology. The TVs we build have flawless 1080P quality and incredible brightness. Installation is just as easy as a regular TV, you can simply hang it on your wall and you’re done! Because we are the manufacturer, you can buy directly from us for the best price. We can customize the frame style to blend in with the rest of your room. Standard frames will be ready in 3-4 weeks, custom frames will be ready in 6-8 weeks.


Dielectric Bedroom / Living Room Mirror

Like magic, the mirror transforms into vivid HDTV.

Our Dielectric mirror is ideal for bedroom and living room use, where the main purpose of the mirror TV is for viewing and you want your full HD quality. With our competitors’ products, you get a tinted mirror which causes you to lose a significant amount of brightness and picture quality. We have specially designed the Dielectric mirrors using nanotechnology to be optically color neutral and allow a maximum amount of light through.

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Frequently Asked Questions

+How easy is it to install the Samsung LED Mirror TV?

The Samsung LED Mirror TV installs exactly the same as regular TV. You just hang it on the wall with a slim profile wall mount and you’re all done! You may want to string the cables back through the wall for the best appearance. If the TV outlet is behind the Frame we customize the profile to facilitate different situations.

+How good is the sound quality?

The frame and glass don’t block any of the sound, so you get the same high quality sound you get from any other flat screen TV.

+How good is the picture quality?

Our Samsung Mirror TV has 1080P picture quality with full, vibrant color. Unlike other companies, we combine the brightest, thinnest televisions on the market with the most transparent mirror available to deliver uncompromised picture clarity.

+Do I need to use a special wall mount?

The slim profile wall mount we sell will keep your TV within 0.4″ of the wall for a seamless appearance. If you use a normal wall mount it will hang several inches away from the wall. Professional installers are also available.

+What frame profile do you use?

The standard frames are 3.5″ wide and extend from the viewable area of the TV. They are 2″ deep, which covers the sides of the TV so that it can’t be detected from an angle. We can also customize your TV with a variety of other frame styles to match your style. Custom Frames both contemporary and traditional come in any width and finish and can be designed to meet your aesthetic needs.

+What is the advantage of buying the complete Samsung Mirror TV instead of just the glass?

Our Samsung Mirror TV systems are as easy to install as any regular TV and are beautiful pieces of functional art. A custom project where you just buy our glass will require hiring a woodworker or cabinetmaker to frame it up, which can be expensive, require more work on your part, and often takes more time before your mirror TV is ready for use.

+How fast can I get it?

Standard Frames run 3-4 weeks. Custom Frames run 6-8 weeks.