GK Framing Group combines innovative modern technology with a tradition of outstanding craftsmanship. As the leading archival custom picture framing company, they welcome clients who live just around the corner in Tribeca and around the world. Whether they’re new to collecting art or seasoned art connoisseurs, customers immediately see that GK is the exception in fine art picture framing.

GK encourages clients to think of themselves as caretakers of their collections.  As GK  devotes time to educating new clients about conservation framing and the value of superior materials, clients learn to view their artworks as long-term investments and preserve them for the next generation.

  • The 4,000-square-foot Tribeca showroom and studio is dedicated to extending the life of the art

  • The centerpiece of its state-of-the art facility is the buzzed-about clean room, a temperature and humidity controlled work environment

  • The HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) system in the clean room filters the air three times per minute, eradicating dust and other contaminants that would normally adhere to the surfaces

  • Employees wear taffeta frocks and hair coverings, another GK development, as they work at stainless steel tables

  • GK gives clients a behind-the-scenes look into the clean room and production studio through floor-to-ceiling plate glass windows

As leaders in preservation and archival framing in New York City, GK Framing Group exceeds the industry standard. For more than 25 years, the company has pioneered research into materials and techniques that have become the best practices in conservation framing. Choosing GK Framing Group represents not only your taste for the aesthetic high bar—it’s also an intelligent investment in the value of your collection.