Art Conservation & Restoration

GK Framing Group brings over 30 years of experience to the world of art conservation and restoration. We treat each work of art individually and are entrusted by some of the most significant collectors in the art world. Every work gets examined by our conservation staff in our temperature and humidity controlled facility. Our reporting is comprehensive and easy to understand with before and after hi-res digital photography. Whether you are restoring a recent acquisition from auction or a family treasure, GK treats each work with meticulous care.

The staff at GK Framing helps to educate our clients on the proper care of their treasures. There are many ways art can be negatively affected. Humidity and poor temperature control are the most common ways art is damaged. Take the time to ask the experts at GK about your important works of art and family heirlooms. The trained staff has a wealth of knowledge and can direct you to publications and guides to further your understanding of proper preservation techniques.

GK provides specialized care in the following areas:

  • Book and paper conservation
  • Paintings conservation
  • Textile conservation
  • Photograph conservation
  • Object conservation (archaeological, ethnographic, and sculptural)
  • Frame conservation

As members of professional conservation groups, GK takes advantage of the current advancements in the conservation sciences and the most relevant publications and studies. GK Framing Group knows that taking care of your art today will provide the longest life for your artwork for future generations to enjoy.

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