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GK Framing’s sister-company, Reflectel Mirror TV, allows you to have the best mirror TVs and the best of both worlds: a beautiful ambient mirror when OFF, and your favorite 4K or 8K television when ON. From the initial design phase to the final installation, our expert designers are there for every step. Reflectel is the luxurious choice with hundreds of frame styles from Gilded Gold, supple Leather, sophisticated Woods and Metals to our value engineered series, Signature Series.

Reflectel blends the elegance of a beautiful mirror and cutting-edge technology of your favorite TV for an unrivaled entertainment experience.

Why get a Mirror TV?

Make the most of any space by utilizing a Reflectel Mirror TV where it will not only be a graceful and functional mirror bouncing light around the room but also a high res television any time you want it. Whether you want to watch your favorite TV shows or movies, or display artwork or family photos, a Mirror TV can do it all.

TV when On! — Mirror when Off


Choose the best televisions on the market for an unrivaled viewing experience.


Let your creativity flow and design the ideal Mirror TV for your home with our expert staff.


Upgrade your home with a one-of-a-kind Mirror TV that enhances any room when Off and On.

Design Your Mirror TV

A brief guideline on how to elevate your viewing experience:

1. Select Your Orientation: Start the Mirror TV process by choosing the best shape for your living space. Our most popular Orientation is Landscape edge-to-edge. Other Orientations include Square, Portrait, Circle, Rounded Corner, Ellipse and more.

2. Choose Your Mirror TV Glass: We have the best dielectric hidden TV glass in industry. It is water white and optical quality. Reflectel glass offers flawless television transmission.

3. Pick Your Frame: With hundreds of frame styles to choose from, our expert designers work with you to find the perfect frame. From sleek Metal to calming Wood tones to shimmering Gilded gold and beyond, we will have the right frame for your interior.

4. Select Your Technology: At Reflectel we recommend the best TV brands including Samsung, Sony, and LG. Choose the brand that you trust the most for unrivaled picture quality and viewing experience.

Reflectel makes the Mirror TV process seamless to ensure you create an object of art for your home that enhances your interior and provides you with the most cutting-edge TV technology.

Reflectel is with you every step of the way!

1. Discover the Perfect Shape for Your Mirror TV

No matter the shape, size and style, Reflectel can help you design the ideal Mirror TV for any space in your home. Whether you want the classic rectilinear shape where the TV image reaches edge-to-edge, a taller Square or Portrait, or go even more custom with our Contour shapes in Circle, Arch and more.


Reflectel Mirror TV‘s most popular Orientation is Landscape where the TV image reaches edge-to-edge without a mirror border. This is a classic shape reminiscent of the standard television ratio making it a great featured piece of decor in any room. From a 32″ to a 100″, you can frame your favorite television in any of our hundreds of framing options. You can opt for any style, from something sleek and minimal to something more traditional and ornate.

Landscape Plus

Our Landscape Plus Orientation takes it a step further should you want the mirror portion to be larger than the TV image. It’s also a popular choice if you want to integrate in a soundbar for that added hidden technology perk. Want a narrow frame? Our Plus shapes also allow you to have a thinner frame for an even more minimal and sleek look. Whatever your design intentions, Reflectel can help achieve your exact vision.

Square and Square Plus

Our Square shape allows for a more grand appearance and gracefully fills up space in any living area. This orientation gives off a bold impression no matter what frame style you opt for. Mirror TVs in this style blend in effortlessly with any interior so much so that you would never guess there was a television hidden behind the glass. You can also integrate a soundbar along with the TV to take the sound quality to another level making it the perfect blend of decor and technology.

Portrait and Portrait Plus

Take your Mirror TV to new heights with our Portrait Orientation. This shape far transcends a mere television, instead giving a majestic and bold design while also creating the sense of more space. Your beautiful ambient mirror when off, and your favorite 4k television when on! The position of the television is variable, letting you have another added customizable benefit. This Orientation is the ideal shape for the most grand spaces.

Rounded Corners

Reflectel’s Rounded Corners Orientation defies the standard frame shape instead bringing a smoother and more soft elegance to your entertainment space. The curved corners are a wonderful alternative to the standard rectilinear silhouette and can be achieved with our Bespoke Frame Series in Gilded, Leather and Woods.


Reflectel’s Circle Orientation offers an unparalleled viewing experience, bringing technology into your space in a remarkable way. Quickly becoming one of the most sought after styles, our Circle Mirror TVs are sure to be a knockout in any setting. Opt for a supple Leather, or a classic Gilded style, or even the calming tones of wood. Let your imagination run wild and design the perfect look with our team.


Reflectel’s Ellipse Mirror TV Orientation is a beautiful custom shape that’s sure to elevate any space it’s installed in. Every curve and line is carefully designed and fabricated for the perfect result every time. Conceal your television behind our water-white glass shaped seamlessly in an Ellipse design.

2. The Best Mirror TV Glass Choices

Reflectel uses the best quality materials on the market, including water-white, low iron glass for optimal TV viewing. These glass options show our commitment to excellence and ensure unparalleled clarity. The high transmission quality of our VIEW glass guarantees a vivid television image and our SPA offers a brighter alternative for spaces like bathrooms and gyms.

3. Custom Mirror TV Frames

A frame isn’t simply a border around your television, it’s a reflection of your style and taste. It’s a stunning focal point in any room! Our Custom Mirror TV frames elevate your viewing experience and provide not only your favorite technology, but a beautiful decor element. Looking for a contemporary frame in wood or metal? Or maybe something more traditional in Gilded, or even sophisticated and understated with Leather. With over 35 years of experience, Reflectel can help you achieve your ideal design.

Signature Series

Browse our Signature Mirror TV frames for our value engineered options in a wide variety of styles and finishes. From golds and silvers, to metallic and wood tones.

Gilded Series

Enhance your interior design scheme with our expertly crafted 22k Gold and 12K White Gold Gilded TV Mirror frames. They add a sense of opulence and luxury to any room.

Leather Series

Meticulously crafted, Reflectel’s urbane Leather Mirror TV frames are hand-crafted, down to the stitching and hardware details including chrome or brass rings, tacks, and studs.

Metal Series

Experience the sleek and contemporary profiles and finishes of our Metal TV Mirror frames. Finishes ranging from raw steel, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, and more.

Wood Series

Choose from a range of unique grains and profiles in our Wood Series. Hardwoods offered in walnut, mahogany, maple and more. Customize further with your favorite paint color.

4. Choose Your Favorite Technology

The last step in this Mirror TV journey is to choose the technology that will be expertly hidden behind the mirror. We use your preferred television model from the leading TV manufacturers:

Samsung: Known for their innovation and reliable products, Samsung excels in television technology with its deep contrasts and vibrant picture quality.

Sony: Ensure a cinematic viewing experience by choosing a Sony television with their pioneering technology and high quality visuals.

LG: Opt for LG for unparalleled quality and the benefits of their advanced display OLED technology.

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Reflectel's Mirror TV is designed to beautifully integrate into any space. You choose the frame, TV size and shape.

The result: an elegant mirror along with your 4K television for both functionality and design.

Complimentary Mirror TV Design Services

Amazing Before and Afters

At Reflectel we have 35 years of framing design experience to help you select the perfect solution for your home. We are experts in framing for both contemporary and traditional design schemes.

We offer complimentary Photoshop renderings with your interior photo or architectural rendering. Visualizing your new Mirror TV in your home is the most exciting way to see how the beauty of hidden technology creates an extraordinary design element that functions as your television. We invite you to explore the many ways a TV Mirror will work in your home.

How can we help further?

At Reflectel, we understand that purchasing a Hidden Television is not just about the product itself, but also how it harmoniously blends in with your living space. From the moment you begin the TV Mirror design journey, we are there to assist you at every step of the way. We are dedicated to making your Mirror TV an enjoyable and successful end result to enhance your home.

Our Mirror TVs combine dynamic television transmission with a visually stunning looking glass, adding elegance and sophistication to any room. If you’re ready to elevate your entertainment experience, we invite you to get in touch with us.

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