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Conservation framing extends the longevity of your artwork and prevents framing materials from accelerating degradation

Poor quality framing causes the vast majority of damage that paper conservators encounter. GK Framing is the exception in fine art framing and utilizes 100% cotton rag board and moisture-barrier backings. Works on paper and photographs are hinged or mounted using Japanese paper and wheat starch paste, which have superior aging properties and reversibility. Paintings are framed with moisture and impact resistant backings to protect from punctures, tears, and water damage. The glazing we provide contains ultra-violet filters to deter fading. This is critical, especially if your art is light-sensitive as is often the case with watercolors, pastels, textiles, woodblock prints, and color photographs. The end result – superbly framed artwork.

GK Framing Group brings over 30 years of experience to the world of art conservation and restoration. We treat each work of art individually and are entrusted by some of the most significant collectors in the art world. Every work gets examined by our conservation staff in our temperature and humidity controlled facility. Our reporting is comprehensive and easy to understand with before and after hi-res digital photography. Whether you are restoring a recent acquisition from auction or a family treasure, GK treats each work with meticulous care.

GK Framing Group offers professional white glove delivery and installation in New York City, Westchester, Connecticut, and New Jersey. The GK team has years of experience, skill and respect for the art they handle. Because we frame it, we understand it. From concept to delivery, we have it handled. By performing every task with due diligence and care our people have earned the trust and confidence of conservators, collectors, museums and the art community as a whole. Installation is an artful process, whether your tastes lean toward minimalism or salon style hanging, GK can assure you a timeless installation.

Our designers work assiduously to find the right frame for your work, and often that means building something completely unique for your art. We work with artisans from around the world to build spectacular frames that complement and conserve your treasures for generations. Whether you need custom gilding, leather stitching, or a recreation of a 14th Century Italian Tabernacle, our team can make your vision a reality.

169 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10013


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