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GK Framing offers expert professional services in all facets of archival framing:  Frame Design, Art Intake Assessment, Conservation Advice, Collections Management and Fine Art Installation

Our designers work assiduously to find the right frame for your work, whether building something unique, or one of our moderately priced in-house materials including Larson-Juhl moldings; we always find the right solution.

GK works with artisans from around the world to around the corner, complementing and conserving your treasures for future generations.

Boasting the largest selection of contemporary woods in all species, we also offer custom gilding, leather stitching, historical recreations, and are always open to your ideas. Our team makes your vision a reality. (LINK)

Be secure in the knowledge that with every beautiful aesthetic the structural considerations are always paramount.  

Once you have narrowed your framing options to a few selections, take advantage of our complimentary Photoshop Mockups to help visualize the best solution. After you’ve emailed us a photo of your room setting, you can see it in situation with different frames as well. We take all the guesswork out for a truly satisfying end result.

With over 35 years of experience, and first hand working relationships with conservators of all disciplines, we understand degradation, and the steps that need to be taken to preserve art. Allow us to guide you through the conservation process, we are there with you every step of the way. GK can assess your art in our Tribeca conservation facility and as needed, can arrange house visits, at your convenience. We can guide your conservation process to help preserve your fine art and family heirlooms.

GK Framing Group offers professional white glove delivery and installation in New York City, Westchester, Connecticut, and New Jersey. The GK team has years of experience, skill and respect for the art they handle. Because we frame it, we understand it. By performing every task with due diligence and care our people have earned the trust and confidence of conservators, collectors, museums and the art community as a whole. Installation is an artful process, whether your tastes lean toward minimalism or salon style hanging, GK can assure you a timeless installation.

Alternatively, If you frame your art with us, we are happy to crate and ship it anywhere in the world. You can be assured that we put the same care and expertise into all aspects of our work, and your art will get to you safe and sound.

Any mirror you can dream, we can custom fabricate. Whether you want a beautiful period frame, or something more modern, we can work with our glaziers and artisans to build to your specifications.

Conservation framing extends the longevity of your artwork and prevents framing materials from accelerating degradation

Works on paper and photographs are hinged or mounted using Japanese paper and wheat starch paste, which have superior aging properties and reversibility. Paintings are framed with moisture and impact resistant backings to protect from punctures, tears, and water damage. The glazing we provide contains ultra-violet filters to deter fading. This is critical, especially if your art is light-sensitive as is often the case with watercolors, pastels, textiles, woodblock prints, and color photographs. The end result – superbly framed artwork that extends the life of your piece.

Our 8,000 square foot showroom and workshops are built around a HEPA-filtered clean room, where your art is sealed with its mat board, moisture barrier, backing, and glazing. The HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) system filters the air three times per minute, eradicating dust and other contaminants that would normally adhere to the surfaces.

The expert technicians at GK Framing are explicitly clean-room trained and wear taffeta coats and hair bonnets to maintain a pristine environment. Our stainless steel work stations are kept immaculate in order to ensure an optimal environment for your art. GK gives clients a behind-the-scenes look into the clean room and production studio through floor-to-ceiling plate glass windows.

We treat each work of art individually, and are entrusted by some of the most significant collectors in the art world. Every work gets examined by our conservation staff in our temperature and humidity controlled facility. Our reporting is comprehensive and easy to understand with before and after hi-res digital photography. Whether you are restoring a recent acquisition from auction or a family treasure, GK treats each work with meticulous care.

At GK we maintain the utmost respect for the original patina of the frame, in addition to preserving the original carvings and structural composition. You can be assured of an impeccable restoration. We offer consultations that can identify the damaging condition of your frame and recommend a thorough treatment proposal to help your frame regain its former glory.  We combine the lessons gleaned from traditional techniques of the past with the scientific advancements of today; utilizing up to date materials, tools and techniques with years of knowledge and experience. GK Framing provide critical advice to preserve the historic accuracy and value of any period antique frame.


GK Framing professional services are known world wide. As innovators in conservation materials and techniques we assure every client of the finest quality framing with the widest array of frame styles. GK professional services are sought out by artists, collectors, auction houses, designers and architects, and homeowners.

We are very proud to be considered the local framer to our Tribeca neighbors and are part of the Tribeca Alliance, which helps nurture the small business community in our wonderful hamlet in NYC. Our founder was proud to be showcased by this regional non profit in their Luminaries of Tribeca section. 

After 35 years working with art collectors and design professionals, GK Framing is considered the undisputed leader and taste makers in framing design. Only GK Framing offers their clients such a spectacular array of frames. Our outstanding collection of period frames in Historic Dutch Frames, copied faithfully from replicas, Louis XIV, XV,  XVI, XVII, such as those in the Getty Collection, Italian Renaissance Frames, on exhibit in the Metropolitan Musuem of Art, and American Period Frames from the 17th Century to the Modernist 20th Century styles, go above and beyond to insure that your artwork is fashioned with the finest and most appropriate frame.

169 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10013


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