The expert staff at GK Framing Group’s New York showroom, brings over 30framerestoration001-gk-framing-mirror-tv
years’ experience to every frame restoration project.  We provide critical advice to preserve the historic accuracy and value of any period antique frame.  GK Framing maintains the utmost respect for the original patina of the frame, in addition to preserving the original carvings and structural composition.  You can be assured of an impeccable restoration.

  • Over the decades, as the value and scholarship of antique frames have appreciated, the awareness of antique frame conditions has been taken more seriously.
  • Often, antique frames have been handled roughly and stored in less than hospitable environments where extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause harm to the basic integrity of the frame.
  • At GK we offer consultations that can identify the damaging condition of your frame and recommend a thorough treatment proposal to help your frame regain its former glory.
  • GK Framing Group combines the lessons gleaned from traditional techniques of the past with the scientific advancements of today; utilizing up to date materials, tools and techniques with years of knowledge and experience.

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