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GK/Reflectel Sister Companies emerged in 2014 as GK Framing the leading archival picture framer in NYC completed the famous Baccarat Hotel TV Mirror job. GK was vetted out from 3 other makers. The job was a huge success and Reflectel was born.  As veterans in framing design for over 35 years, GK was poised to move to the top in the design-build community as Reflectel – the Ultimate Mirror TV!



Baccarat Hotel Reflectel Mirror TV
Reflectel Mirror TV in the Baccarat Hotel


Both companies regale in the 8000 square foot, ground level showroom and work spaces. All production is fabricated under our roof with our Founder, Elizabeth Goldfeder’s quality control. GK Framing Group has been the destination for custom framing and art preservation in New York City and beyond. Goldfeder and her staff of designers have developed countless frame designs for collectors, museums, architects, and interior decorators worldwide. Customer service and quality workmanship is unparalleled in the industry with meticulous care of clients always front and center.


GK Reflectel Showroom
Showroom GK Framing and Reflectel

The natural transition into the technology space with the power of both GK and Reflectel together makes us the authority in both the design and technology space. More than just a television and more than just a mirror, Reflectel creates elegant pieces of functional high-tech art to complement the design of your room and bring artful sophistication to your TV technology. All of our pieces are hand-crafted in New York City using the finest frame materials, best televisions, and the highest quality glass available.



Gilded Carved Mirror TV over Mantle
75″ OLED TV in Gilded Carved Mirror


Reflectel Mirror TV are found in the finest hotels worldwide and in luxury high end residential properties in NYC and beyond. Fireplace Mantels are a sweet spot to enjoy our hybrid design-build product. Your room now has dual use, both for quiet enjoyment and relaxation when the mirror is on and a media center for entertainment and family togetherness. The newest hot spot for a custom framed TV Mirror is your bathroom. The most popular room in the home are becoming our sanctuaries. A Reflectel Mirror TV adds choice into your home spa. Our clients tell us that first thing in the morning their Mirror TV functions as the welcome to the day – watching weather reports or world wide market analysis. At the end of the day your Magic Mirror adds to your relaxation and wellness. Have a soothing video on to create a meditative atmosphere or enjoy a bubble bath to your favorite Netflix movie!


Bathroom Mirror TVs can be as large or as small as you want. They can be framed or frameless. At Reflectel we are completely custom so you have supreme choice! Let us show you how we can make your bathroom into a home sanctuary.


Mirror TV above Stunning Bathtub
Steel 75″ Mirror TV above Spa Bathtub



169 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10013


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